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Helping families and individuals navigate addiction and mental health recovery and the life that follows, in both Colorado and across the U.S.


Below are different wellness programs that we offer for a full continuum of care.


If you are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol, or process addictions and would like to speak with and/or meet with someone that has gone through the same situations and has made it through the process I would be more than happy to help you along your journey. more...


I have trained under one of the leading interventionists in the country and have been trained in and utilize the “Love in Action” model where we invite the addict or alcohol to be a part of the process and their own recovery. more...


Individuals or their families contact me to help them get themselves, a friend, or family member to a treatment center, sober living, or wilderness therapy, whether that is across town or across the country.more...


Many people struggling with addiction or alcoholism are not able to go into an inpatient treatment situation for any number of reasons: they are not able to take time off from work, a busy life schedule, family situations, or celebrity status. more...


If you need someone to speak at your school, office, or conference about overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals please contact me. I can speak about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but that does not have to be the focus if that is not what you are looking for.more...

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I was born and raised in the Southern US by a great family that gave me everything I needed. Somewhere my life took a turn and I ended up in beautiful Colorado.Please read my whole story here:

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