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Professionals Weekend in Nashville at The Ranch

I got back from a professional’s weekend in Nashville, TN at the Ranch Treatment Center. The Ranch is under the Elements company umbrella, and the place is incredible. I was invited go to by a good friend of mine named Brianna Severine who works for Elements. It definitely wasn’t the easiest weekend for her; she […]

Who let the dogs out?

IMG_0163 So Shelby and I got done with a run yesterday, and I was driving a rental car that had Sirius radio, and I’m not sure if she was just too tired or didn’t know that she was supposed to be trying to escape, but she defiantly did not do what the Baha Men were […]

Shelby licking my face on river.

Addiction Recovery in Colorado and River Therapy

I have had a pretty busy and successful week. Made a number of new contacts over the phone, especially with wilderness therapy programs for adolescents. A number of meeting in person, as well as a number of upcoming work on the calendar. And found again a band named Blackberry Smoke from Georgia that I haven’t […]

The Site is FINALLY Here

So, after spending much time, effort, and energy my new website is finally here. It has gone through many revisions and a few small ones may still happen, but for the most part it is completed. I want to thank Goyex Technology (a fellow Memphian) for doing a lot of the heavy lifting and guiding […]