Catchup from Last Week

So I haven’t posted a new blog post in a about two weeks, so I am writing this post to catchup from my activities from last week.

Meet up with Jeff Jones, an interventionist and therapist from Lafayette, CO, twice last week to discuss what he has going on with his current practice. He is currently working on a family practice solution to help families deal with addiction as not only the addicted person get better, but viewing it as a family problem and how to work on solutions. The links are posted here: and

I don’t know much abut the program, but I will be doing more research to figure out if it is helpful for people in recovery and their families to support them. The second link is an online community environment where people can ask and answer questions to support others around addiction and recovery. There are a number of videos, podcasts, and Q and A’s.

Also last week I met with Paige Thomas from Origins Treatment Centers in South Padre, TX and in West Palm Beach, FL. I had heard of her but never had the chance to meet with her. We had an hour long coffee and made plans for me to visit South Padre in July.

On Wednesday of last week I went to a meeting of the CO-PLA, which is a group that goes over best practices for marketing and outreach in the treatment field in Colorado. They meet about once a month, and I am sure that I be going to many more in the future. It is run by two women from Harmony in Estes Park and The Foundry in Steamboat Springs. There was a group of about thirty of us from companies and programs all over Colorado, and even a few out of the state. The topic was led by Candi Ader and was on how to be better organized and what each of us does and letting the others in the group use some of our better ideas.

I also spoke with Felicia Kleinpeter from St. Christopher’s Treatment Center in Baton Rouge, LA, that works with people dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues, about going down to BR and taking a tour of their new facilities since the last time I was there. Ill be there this month from the 17th-19th. It will be cool going back to somewhere where I was once a client many years ago. I used to live there after treatment for a while, so I am also going to see some good friends that I haven’t seen in many years.

Updates from my weekend in Utah coming soon!

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller, 1986

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