Brighton Treatment Center in Ogden and Salt Lake City

While I was in Utah I also had the opportunity to tour Brighton Treatment Center ( and hang out with a few guys that work with their program. Off the front end I want to thank Troy Meyer and Josh Hall for showing me around, setting the whole day and my accommodations up, and making it very easy on me. I learned about Brighton from a fellow interventionist that lives in Sacramento, CA named Ricki Townsend. She has been in the field for a long time and speaks very highly of Brighton. Although Brighton has only been around for about two years, they have made quite an impression on both Ricki and myself.

Josh picked me up from my hotel in Provo, and we first went to the new program that they will be opening up in an incredible home in Salt Lake. They are a couple of months away from being completed at the Salt Lake portion of their program, but it will be pretty great. It will be a coed, dual-diagnosis facility in the heart of a great neighborhood, with great amenities, an outdoor area, a pool, and tennis court. Nothing about this place will not be first class. Josh and I grabbed lunch and we talked about each our individual journeys in recovery. We then got back on the road and checked out the facility that they currently have up and running in Ogden. The facility used to be a monastery for nuns before it was converted to a place for substance abuse treatment, and it is very nice. There is a detailed virtual tour on the website that I posted above. The monastery in Ogden is also a coed, dual-diagnosis facility that can work with a number of issues, and they seem to do a really good job of specializing the care to whatever the client needs.

New Brighton house in Salt Lake

After that I got dropped back at my hotel and got to catch my breath for a few minutes before Troy picked me up for dinner. (I cant remember the name of the place that we went for dinner, but it was an Italian restaurant that was excellent. I had gnocchi.) The two of us, along with Joe, who is their clinical director had a nice meal, where I peppered them with questions about their program. What surprised me the most about Brighton is their cost of treatment – 20k if paid with cash, but they also work with most insurance plans. I know this sounds like a lot, but from the level of treatment that they offer, this is incredibly low. They could definitely charge for more if they really wanted to. They offer services and amenities of a program that could cost nearly twice as much. They are also in the process of setting up an IOP program and setting up a sober community around it that will be very interesting.

Then Troy and I drove around downtown Salt Lake where he showed me the sites and we just talked like old friends. He is a super cool guy and Brighton should be thankful to have both Josh and himself working for them. Josh has a podcast that he does to support recovery that is also on the link that I posted above. Check it out!

Again, I want to thank Troy, Josh, and the entire Brighton team for making it easy for me to see their program, along with Ricki for suggesting it to me.


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