Recovery Coach Services

If you are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol, process addictions, and/or mental health issues, and would like to speak with and/or meet with a Recovery Coach that has gone through the same situations and has made it through the process I would be more than happy to help you along your journey.

I am a CCAR certified recovery coach, and I have done additional training in the field. The CCAR certification is the nation’s leading credential for people working in the field.

If you are new to sobriety or newly out of treatment and looking for guidance, a recovery coach would be a valuable addition to your recovery team, or if you are struggling with your sobriety I can be a valuable tool. I wish I knew about recovery coaches in my early sobriety because it probably would have saved me some heartache.Recovery Coach

Some of the issues that we will be working on will be: setting up a schedule or goal of dates and times of 12 step meetings to attend (or some other type of support group like LifeRing, Dharma Punx, Phoenix MultiSport, etc.), forming quality connections with friends and others also in recovery, figuring out the reasons why the individual cares to be in recovery and what they need to do to keep or get those things back, how to deal with family or relationship struggles, etc. Simply, having been through addiction and alcoholism, I can help you set up a recovery plan for you that works with your beliefs. Most of the work we will be doing will be based on the recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and/or mental health.

We will never pass judgment or try to convince you to believe something that you do not want to believe in.

I typically meet with people 1hr per week, but depending on my schedule I could meet more often to help yourself or family member.

I am free to meet with you in person, over the phone, FaceTime, or Skype.

Love and compassion is my code.

After a brief phone assessment, I am available to do this with most men and women of any age, on a case by case basis.

The location and the amount of time we spend together will base the price of services. 

Additional Services…