The Site is FINALLY Here

So, after spending much time, effort, and energy my new website is finally here. It has gone through many revisions and a few small ones may still happen, but for the most part it is completed. I want to thank Goyex Technology (a fellow Memphian) for doing a lot of the heavy lifting and guiding me along this process. Thanks Jay!

Through this site I hope to connect with people and families that are struggling with addiction or mental health issues either themselves or family members. It can be an incredibly frustrating and disheartening process of recognizing that someone you know and love is having a problem with something that they cannot control. I know that it was for my family and I before I was able to get clean after a few attempts.

I also would like to show that recovery does not have to be a drab and boring life. I have good days and bad, just like any other person on the planet, but I have fun and do a lot of different things that bring me joy. It does take work, especially in the beginning, to try and find a healthy routine and figure out what does actually make you happy. For me, once I got clean, I had no idea what I even enjoyed doing, because so much of my life had isolated doing drugs and drinking alcohol. I hope to show that through this site. I will show pictures, video clips, articles, and my own personal thoughts on what is going on in the world and recovery.

I think that the current model of drug addiction and alcoholism treatment and recovery is good, but I think that we can do better. We still have people falling through the cracks whether that is after they leave a 30 day in patient treatment program or before they even get that far. Their are so many people in this country alone that are struggling with these issues. Over 21 million Americans are struggling with an addiction and only 10% of those people ever seek treatment, for any number of reasons, but the big ones that I see are the stigma still surrounding addiction (we are doing better at this) and the financial barrier that a family may feel to get help (we are doing worse at this). With over 100 people per day dying from drug overdoses, and many more overdoses where the person survives, we have to do better.

In addition to all of that, please read my story on the main page and get an idea if who I am as a person. I used to work in finance and accounting for a number of years, but now I think that my talents would best used helping others either into recovery and/or helping them continue on their journey. I am a certified interventionist, a CCAR certified recovery coach, recovery companion, and recovery/sober transporter.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please reach out to either through my email,, or call me, 901-734-9663. If I do not answer please leave me a message and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for visiting the page, and I hope to see and hear from you soon.


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